We strongly recommend that potential applicants review the requirements page before completing a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). Don’t hesitate to contact our Information & Program Manager, Alison Altemus, if you have any questions about the application process.

    1. Submit an LOI to the Executive Director by through our online grant portal. If in alignment with Foundation priorities, you will be contacted and asked to submit an online proposal.

      • The first-time you log into our system, you’ll be required to create an account and input your organization’s Tax ID number (EIN). Please save your username and password as your account will be used in the future to submit reporting requirements and other applications.

    2. If invited, submit the full application with the following pieces of documentation.

      • A copy of your organization’s most recent financial statements, as prepared by your certified public accountants

      • A listing of your organization’s officers and directors, their primary occupations and the responsibilities to the organization; and

      • A completed copy of the additional information form. (Click here to download pdf version of the form)

    3. Our staff may schedule follow up conversations with you for additional information and confirmation.

    4. Eden Hall Foundation staff will contact you following a decision on your grant request.