Act with affection.
Act with humility.
Act with concern.
Act with graciousness.
Above all, act.
Working toward a more equal, just and tolerant world

We live in a country where anything is possible. So even as chants of change echo across the land, we at Eden Hall Foundation know that we can make things right.

Let’s be hopeful in the face of anger and heartache. Let’s take our collective energy, sadness and grief and apply it towards something constructive. Let’s act.

Each of us in our own way, can do something, say something, change something. We can all be constructive disruptors. And when we stand together, anything is possible – including a more equal, just and tolerant world.

Facing the COVID-19 Crisis together

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, we at Eden Hall Foundation are called upon to act. We’ll face this challenge like our founder Sebastian Mueller would – with charity, grace and determination. Even in this unprecedented time, we’ll remain close to the communities we serve. We’ll be ever mindful of those who are most vulnerable. We know that these trying times will test the very fabric of our social safety net. And realize that your own good work may be impacted by the novel coronavirus.

As always, the Eden Hall Foundation is here to support you, and we’ll work to prevent any interruptions in the grant making process.

How we emerge from this crisis depends largely upon how we act. If we all do our part, we will come through this stronger, healthier and kinder.

Sebastian Mueller was a man of humility and vision who took action to help those in need.  Through the Eden Hall Foundation, his beloved causes—and empathy for others—live on. Mr. Mueller’s life, spirit and values are expressed in the work we do today. Our foundation is named after Eden Hall Farm, his summer home in Richland Township. And back on this farm, a legacy was born. Read our story

A word to grantseekers

Please review our grant guidelines to determine if your grant fits one of our specific grantmaking strategies.