Eden Hall Foundation is a private foundation established through the will of Sebastian Mueller, a Pittsburgh philanthropist and vice president and director of the H.J. Heinz Company. While rising to great heights professionally and personally, Mr. Mueller also experienced profound sorrow. As a young boy, he was raised by a single mother, until her untimely passing. The experience would have an impact on Mr. Mueller, informing and inspiring his unique form of philanthropy which included the empowerment of women.  He understood and valued the true and complete impact women have on the family, the workforce and all of society. Being raised by a strong woman sparked and inspired Mr. Mueller’s philanthropy.

During his lifetime, Mr. Mueller made substantial contributions to improve conditions of the poor and disadvantaged, enhance the lives of working women and promote quality education. Today, the directors of Eden Hall Foundation continue Mr. Mueller’s stewardship in the areas of human services, health, education, civic and community works, and the arts.

 At Eden Hall Foundation, we view our work through a woman’s lens to improve the quality of life for all people across our region. This perspective is unique, and our commitment to the betterment of the region is indisputable. If you work to improve the lives of women, families, and all people in Southwestern Pennsylvania, we urge you to start a conversation. We’re ready to hear from you.