Eden Hall Foundation and Clairton Youth Grantmakers

The Clairton Youth Grantmakers, located at Clairton High School, is a group of students who, in partnership with the Eden Hall Foundation, are participating in a 5-month program to learn about philanthropy and community impact. The goal is to ignite their passion, equip them with the tools and knowledge necessary, and empower them to actively contribute to a more equitable and sustainable world – in their community and beyond. 

The Clairton Youth Grantmakers seeks proposals to make mini-grants to support the Clairton City community and School District. Proposals are due no later than Friday, April 19, 2024. Please submit your proposal via the following link:


While all proposals are welcome, priority will be given to grants that support:

  • After-school programming for youth
  • Community cleanup (buildings, litter etc.)
  • Food insecurity
  • Mental Health
  • Supporting positive school and/or community culture and engagement
  • Clairton Community Day

Who May Apply: Nonprofit organizations and municipal entities or agencies that are tax-exempt under 501(c)(3) and 509(a) of the Internal Revenue Code are eligible to apply. Funds should not be requested for services eligible for (or already funded by) government sources.

Application Questions:

  1. Name of Organization. 
  2. Name of primary contact. 
  3. Email of contact. 
  4. Phone of contact. 
  5. Are you a 501c3?
  6. If not, who is your fiscal sponsor? (Please enter N/A if you answered yes to the question above.)
  7. Start date of the project or program.
  8. End date of the project or program.
  9. Please provide an overview of the project/program.
  10. Describe the need behind this project/program. 
  11. How many people will this project/program serve?
  12. What is the end result of the project/program? How will the community change?
  13. Please include how you would measure success for this project/program. 
  14. Amount Requested.

Questions can be directed to Carly Carstens at [email protected]