Lauren’s philanthropy career started as a teenager when her father, an AME minister and mother, a social worker, gathered the family together to write grants for their church’s newly established 501(c)3. He told them they needed to come up with ways the church can be self-sustaining. It is with his wisdom Lauren learned first-hand what it means to “teach a man to fish”. It wasn’t until over a decade later with Public Allies Pittsburgh she was able to use her honed grass-roots skills and passion to materialize her dreams.

Lauren sees it as her calling to help those around her. Whether it is registering PA felons to vote, planning Girl Scout activities, researching opportunities for artists, or providing clerical duties for her church’s food bank. She’s always willing to jump in with a bright smile and a boisterous laugh.

Lauren and her daughter Anise Lorraine recently moved back to Pittsburgh from North Carolina and are enjoying rediscovering all Pittsburgh has to offer. On any given day the two can be found with their cat Luke, in a backpack, walking through a park.

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Mahatma Gandhi