Summer learning loss is one of the biggest causes of the achievement gap. Each summer, children can lose two to three months in reading. By 5th grade, this learning loss can put students two and a half to three years behind.

Eden Hall Foundation invests in high-quality summer programming to not only keep students from losing their academic skills, but also to help them improve their self-esteem, build leadership skills and grow in life. We encourage youth to find interests that can carry them beyond their educations to volunteerism, internships, work, careers and post-secondary education.

Join us in helping make sure no child takes a vacation from year-round learning.

It’s All About Learning. And Timing.  

Grants to fund summer programs are accepted at Eden Hall Foundation from January to June annually. Programs that provide care and educational experiences to children and youth during the summer months are eligible.

Summer Grantseekers Welcome

Eden Hall Foundation makes a priority of funding programs that help prevent summer learning loss and provide healthy meals to children. To find everything you need to apply, click here. 

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