Allies for Health + Wellbeing (formerly Pittsburgh Aids Task Force) was founded in 1985 to meet the needs of individuals living with, or at risk of contracting, HIV and AIDS. Allies provides the only free HIV testing clinic for the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Recently, they expanded their services to include a medical clinic, as well as reconfigure and improve the on-site testing suite and food pantry. In the new clinic, patients can access primary medical care, HIV specialty care, blood work, and pharmacy consultation services in the same location as their case management, food pantry, and other supportive services – making this new clinic their “medical home” – a once stop shop for all their needs. With the support of Eden Hall Foundation, Allies for Health + Wellbeing is providing patient-centered, integrated care for individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

Allies unveiled its fully outfitted clinic at a ribbon cutting ceremony on October 25, 2016. Since that time, more than 300 patients have been treated, 1,100+ clinical visits have been recorded, and 500+ individuals receive supplemental food assistance through the pantry. In addition, a new pharmacy program is serving 200+ clients. All services continue to be in high-demand and are extremely well regarded.

Ashleigh Garcia, CRNP, notes that her patients are extremely grateful for the improvements and high-quality care and services they receive in the new clinical space. 

“I have had a few patients that have had such bad experiences with doctors, particularly people who identify as gay and HIV-positive. They say things like, ‘it is nice to be treated as a person regardless of my status, medical conditions, and sexual preference.’ Really that’s the way it should be.”